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Find Stabyhoun Puppies on Locating a dog of this breed may take some determination but when found, it is a loving and gentle companion. If you are getting a Stabyhoun puppy from the Denmark or Netherlands we advise that you travel by car via the Eurotunnel from Calais to Folkstone. Grooming and Care The grooming requirements for this dog are quite low. MUST READ CONTENT. Read about height, weight, temperament, good with children, activity level, grooming tips and training requirements. In 2012, a programme to introduce the Stabyhoun to the UK was launched by the UK Stabyhoun … Search For Dogs and Puppies Available for Sale Stabyhoun No Ads Found. The most popular color? 21 days after (with the day of the vaccination counting as day 0) the puppy can enter the UK. The Stabyhoun is a continental pointing dog that originates from the Netherlands. Recommended for: pet, … This dog is quite rare. Stabyhoun Puppies, Stabyhoun Breeders, Stabyhouns For Sale, Stabyhouns Learn about your this breed of dog with our extensive breed profile. How long do I have to wait for a Stabyhoun puppy? The entire population is very small and is located primarily in the Netherlands. So if you want a puppy but don’t live in the UK, you need to contact your local Stabyhoun club. Between 1 and 5 days before entering the UK, the puppy will then need tapeworm treatment. This dog is a good fit for families, and particularly those with children. The dogs may actually begin to smell and retain more dirt if washed too much. MENU. Trillium Point Stabyhouns. Are there any downsides to getting a 15 or 16-week old puppy? So you have decided that a Stabyhoun is the dog for you. History - Stabyhoun for Sale. The Stabyhoun is patient, loving and tolerant with children. If you are located in North America try visiting It is a versatile breed, used on farms as both a hunter and a watchdog. Husk også at læse guiden til, hvad du skal være opmærksom på, inden du køber hund. Stabys are a fairly rare breed with the breeding and sale closely monitored by the various Stabyhoun Associations ( Holland, Sweden, Finland, North America etc). Stabyhoun puppies are now born in England each year. The dog is safe in the comforts of your vehicle and there are ample facilities for exercise and toilet breaks before the crossing. Stabyhoun Breeders. We are a small hobby kennel based in the Lake District. The last part is Frisian, meaning dog, which is … All our puppies will receive all vaccinations, health exams, and will be microchipped before they leave for their forever homes. We are thrilled to introduce Blissful's Haven born February 20, 2019. They are not prone to aggression and can actually be rather quiet, although they are still social. As long as they have plenty of exercise, they can live in small homes. Importing a puppy to the UK from Europe isn’t difficult at all. Stabyhouns need and want to be a member the family. In earlier days it was used for hunting foxes, small game, and birds, and it also turned out to be a fine mole catcher. They were bred and developed in a region of the Netherlands known … Oct 26, 2014 - Explore rb95176's board "Stabyhoun" on Pinterest. Because the breeding is carefully monitored, the more common dog issues, including hip dysplasia and epilepsy, have not been in seen in this breed for many years. The UKSA Breeders Advisory Committee (BAC) was established to research, promote and approve making the most sensible and healthy male-female combinations possible, to breeders in the UK. In addition, be prepared for extra costs like mandatory additional vaccinations, examinations, transportation, etcetera, all depending on regulations set by your country and the countries you travel through. When the dog sheds heavily twice a year, a little extra brushing will help remove the dead hairs. SEARCH. A water-lover by nature, these dogs greatly enjoy the opportunity to play in the water. These dogs need a lot of exercise. One such breed is the Stabyhoun, an unusual, stunning looking but very rarely seen breed in the UK. We also continue to import carefully selected puppies from the Netherlands and Scandinavia to meet demand and build a genetically diverse population for the future. Anonymous The American Stabyhoun Association sets the price in the U.S., to keep the price in line with other well bred purebred dogs, while not capitalizing on their … Stabyhoun puppies sold to families in the UK are typically offered to families who are on the UK Stabyhoun Association’s central waiting list.

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