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Samuel Colin Hamilton: The Simple-System Flute in Irish Traditional Music. A crack at the... McNeela Flute Maintenance Kit Great value because this is a very excellent quality low whistle and has the added value of being an excellent practice flute for those wishing to learn flute as well. Made by Christopher Gerock in London in circa 1820. Aoife Granville (traditional flute tutor in UCC’s School of Music and Theatre), Skip Healy (from Rhode Island, also a manufacturer), Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha, Music Editor with RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta and presenter/producer of its main Irish Traditional Music programme "Ceol Binn ó na Beanna", Paul McGrattan from the northside of Dublin, Seosamh Mac Grianna (known locally as Joe Mhici Jimi) from, Séamas Mac Mathúna (from Gower, Cooraclare, County Clare, worked full-time for. Featured Flutes. This cork grease allows the cork to retain its natural structure and perform... McNeela Flute & Whistle Combo Hard Case The John Joe Maguire Memorial Weekend is held every year in Swanlinbar in his honour. Most are tuned using modern methods and are typically better in tune with modern instruments. In 1953 he won the All-Ireland flute competition performing one of his own compositions. Play video. This beginner Irish flute lesson shows you how to play the flute step by step. Louise Mulcahy from Limerick. A good exponent of the Sligo style is Matt Molloy, ( Ballahaderreen Co. Roscommon ). The next workshop dates are listed below. Most Irish flute players tend to strive for a dark and reedy tone in comparison to classical flautists. Please allow up to 12 months lead-time on Sam Murray Keyed Flutes Ready to Ship! Oiling Rod Martin Doyle's flutes, both with and without tuning slides and keys, have become renowned for their ease of playing and quality of tone, which makes them well suited to both beginner and professional players alike. €49.50 Add To Cart. offers 377 irish wooden flutes products.   It’s mellow and dark tone is well-suited to the modes of Celtic music. Introducing the brand new McNeela Flute and Whistle Combo Hard Case. ×. Covid 19: Normal service has resumed! I give private lessons in Irish traditional music on Irish wooden flute and tin whistle and am also available for workshops on these instruments. This custom made premium African... Sam Murray 6-Keyed Traditional Flute F, G# and C The majority of traditional Irish flute players use a wooden, simple-system flute. Cart 0. Ireland Metal Flute Tinwhistle Ireland Musical Instrument Irish Whistle Flute in D Key. $70.00. The Irish flute is a simple system, transverse flute which plays a diatonic (Major) scale as the tone holes are successively uncovered. Tuning Slide Andreas Rogge Low B Flute. Search. [19], Though beside the Sligo area, and overshadowed to some extent by the rich musical tradition of its neighbour, Leitrim preserved a separate identity and tradition based largely on the flute. There are several stylistic subdivisions in County Clare. The “wooden” Irish flute The “true” irish flute per say is another instrument : the wooden transverse flute, played by the greats like Matt Molloy, Kevin Crawford, Josie McDermot etc. For a D flute (the most common variety), with X symbolizing a covered finger-hole and O symbolizing an uncovered finger-hole, all holes covered, (three fingers per hand) can be represented as XXX-XXX = D . This involves using a number of ornaments to embellish the music, including cuts, strikes and rolls. ... Woodnote Lot of 2(key of C & D) Wood Grain 6 Holes Irish Tin …   He was introduced to John Mitchell Rose in c.1820 and their long association began. Due to its wooden construction, characteristic embouchure and direct (keyless) fingering, the simple system flute has a distinctly different timbre from the Western concert flute. [1], Although it is played in every county in Ireland, the flute has a strong heartland in the mid-western counties of Roscommon, Leitrim, Sligo, South Fermanagh, East Galway, Clare and West Limerick.[2]. 26" Irish Professional Sheesham Wood D Flute 3 Parts Natural Finish, Golden Mounts with Free Hard Case. This Tony Dixon dual head can be played as a whistle or a flute; aluminium body, polymer whistle head and ABS flute head. The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle by Grey Larsen, Rockstro, The Complete History of The Flute, My complete story of the flute: the instrument, the performer, the music p120 Rudall & Rose/p141 Pratten by. Search. ... Sweetheart is recognized as one of the premier makers of finely crafted wooden wind instruments, offering d... Ormiston 5 Key Flute … This premium African Blackwood traditional six-keyed flute with keys of F (natural) Long... Sam Murray 3-Keyed Traditional Flute F, G# and C Randal Hauck Polymer D Flute. A wide variety of irish wooden flute options are available to you, such as e mechanism, tone, and number of holes. The NEW McNeela Irish Cocuswood Flute is perfect for intermediate players and beginners who want just a little more from their starter flute. Rich... McNeela Silver Boehm Concert Flute Set Variable Tuning on the Irish Wooden Flute When it comes to tuning on the ‘modern’ Irish flute it is most important to bear in mind that these flutes are based on the simple system conical bore flutes of the early and mid 1800s and predate the modern Boehm flute. This has the effect of shortening the flute for a given pitch. There were several manufacturers of this type of flute, among whom was English inventor and flautist Charles Nicholson Jr, who developed a radically improved version of the transverse wooden flute. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE OUR FULL SELECTION OF IRISH FLUTES. This is a flute for all types of music. "[25] It is exemplified by the playing of the late Eddie Duffy, who was influenced by William Carroll and Laurence Nugent, from Lack, County Fermanagh. [21], Contemporary players associated with this style are: Desy Adams (with Na Dórsa), Harry Bradley, Michael Clarkson, Packie Duignan, Gary Hastings, Deidre Havlin (with Déanta), The Innisfree Ceili Band, Mick Mulvey (from Carrick-on-Shannon), Conal Ó Gráda and Desi Wilkinson. Today's makers emulate the designs of old, focusing often on a specific model or serial number, and maintaining tuning to today's modern pitch standard of A=440 at equal temperament. [8] Also, an upturn in the economic conditions in Ireland from the middle of the 19th century meant that more people were able to acquire instruments. They are based upon t… $399.99. €0; €250; €500; €750; €1000; €1250; €1500; Grid View. SOLD The late great Dave Williams crafted this lovingly maintained beautiful African blackwood keyed flute before his untimely death in 2004. Flutes made in the Irish tradition, great for Irish music. Many of these original flutes had a foot joint that allowed the playing of both C# and C with the use of keys, typically pewter plugs that fit into silver plates. Irish Wooden Flute. Hammy has closed his order books as of May 2018 and is no longer taking new orders for his iconic and much sought after Irish... Sam Murray African Blackwood Flute Browse our full selection of simple system keyed and non-keyed traditional Irish flutes including flutes by top Irish and international makers in our Irish flute store. Khandekar Wooden Handmade Musical Flute Musical Instrument, Musical Instruments for Professional Use, Flute For Kids, Wooden Traditional Flute, Kids Music Flute - Brown, 13 … A wide variety of irish wooden flutes options are available to you, such as e mechanism, body material, and tone. $20.33 shipping. He played with fellow Fermanagh musicians Fergus McTaggart (fiddle), Sean McAloon (pipes) and Tommy Maguire (accordion, father of flutist Peter Maguire). The Lon Dubh Delrin Flute  IRISH WOODEN ROSE WOOD "D" FLUTE WITH TUNING SLIDE AND Free CASE, 4 Part, 26" $54.19. Hall Crystal Flute 21715 - Offset Glass Flute in G - Rose/Green. really pretty aran crafts natural, oatmeal, cream linen blend, intricate leaf pattern, buttoned cardigan. The McNeela Flute Maintenance Kit contains: He played an ivory flute[27] and among his compositions was a jig called "The Ivory Flute", still played today. These Irish flutes are based on Pratten’s Perfected modeldating back to the ea… The McNeela Hardwood Flute Box Cart 0. [20] Local flute players from whom McKenna is known to have learned music were Hughie Byrne and Jamesy McManus. Low D tapered-bore flute. The basic flute can be played in the key signatures of D and G without difficult cross fingerings, which is sufficient for a large variety of traditional Irish melodies. The majority of traditional Irish flute players use a wooden, simple-system flute. A great beginner flute for all... Tuneable Polymer Practice Flute (TB021) by Tony Dixon  The Carbony™ Carbon Fibre three piece Irish flute features a cylindrical outer shape with a true conical bore providing proper finger spacing and the Carbony™ headjoint with dovetail... Hammy Hamilton Keyed Irish Flute - 2nd Hand Pair Of Irish 13.5” Copper Mid-Century Hand the flute is in excellent condition, and comes with a beautiful handmade felt-lined wooden. The Tony Dixon Tenor/Low Flute is a two part ABS flute with polymer body and tuneable head. [4], From the latter part of the 19th century, there were two main styles of large-holed flutes made by two London-based companies: Rudall & Rose and later Boosey & Co., which produced the Pratten flute devised by Robert Sidney Pratten, a prominent flautist of the 1840s and 1850s. 00. The wooden Irish flutecan be keylessor keyed(usually 6 or 8 keys), and is the ancestor of what we know as the metal concert flute played by orchestras. This model is the basic simple-system wooden flute that comes in four parts that must be assembled. $19.96. Sam Murray has restored this handsome early flute in flamed boxwood and bone with a silver key at the foot. Some modern makers forgo the addition of these keys, but maintain the longer footjoint with two holes where the keys would be, as it is thought to better emulate the pitching and tone of the 19th century originals.[5]. Find great deals on eBay for wood irish flute. There is some confusion with modern players in that a modern Boehm keyed system flute is typically pitched in C. This is due to the added keys that allow one to reach low C, yet when one covers just the six main finger-holes (with thumb key covered) on a modern metal Boehm system flute, (XXX-XXX) the note achieved is D. For many technical reasons, a simple system D wooden flute more closely mirrors a concert C modern Boehm system flute in the pitches achieved in its fingering positions as opposed to a simple system flute pitched in C. Theobald Boehm completely redesigned the flute to more easily access the chromatic scale. Arie, dividing his time between North County Dublin and Belgium, has been crafting... Arie de Keyzer Professional Boxwood Flute  4.[28]. George Rudall was an amateur player of some importance who studied for a time under the junior Nicholson before teaching on his own. This premium African Blackwood... Duo-Head Low D Flute & Whistle (TB022) by Tony Dixon  He was one of a few flute players who helped keep the music alive in the area during the 1940s and 1950s before it enjoyed a renaissance from the 1960s onwards. A few trusted Irish flute makers you will get in Ireland and we can proudly say Muzzikon is the leading name in all which offer the best rates for Irish flutes as well as we have a lot more other musical instruments in our store which may support your musical carrier impressively.  Please allow up to 12 months lead-time for your Sam Murray Keyed Flute The flute is made from polymer. Sam Murray, the renowned but elusive flute maker from Belfast has been honing his craft for almost fifty years. About 5% of these are Flute, 1% are Other Musical Instruments & Accessories. Traditional Irish "D" Flute Wooden 4-Part 26" size. offers 352 irish wooden flute products. This case is a neat and sturdy compact case perfect for traveling to gigs, concerts and sessions and for securing your flute and whistles... Duo-Head Low D Flute/Whistle (DX103) by Tony Dixon  Scroll down to take a look at our full collection of Irish flutes for sale including, We stock polymer and wooden flutes by the best Irish flute makers, and we’re happy to announce we have highly sought after, Those of you who wish to buy an Irish flute and need advice we recommend you take a look at the, USA & CANADA (7-10 days). In my lessons I try to teach melodies and technique as much as possible in the traditional way - that is, without the use of notes and as much as possible by ear. Other cork grease can damage the cork's inner structure leading to it cracking and breaking. If you’re looking for Irish whistles, click here for our range of Irish tin whistles in our tin whistle store from beginner to premium Irish whistles. The McNeela Flute Set will get you started in style. [30][31] The Ballinakill Ceilidh Band was formed in 1927 and included, as well as Stephen and Jerry Moloney, the influential flute-player Tom Whelan (after whom a number of popular tunes are named).[32]. Arie, dividing his time between North County Dublin and Belgium, has been crafting... Carbony™ Carbon Fibre Flute  One of the loveliest Celtic instruments is the Irish Wooden Flute. Menu. Grapeseed Bore Oil The Boehm flute has a cylindrical bore (with a parabolic bore in the head) and uses keys to enable the tone holes to be in the ideal place and to be of the ideal size. Other players include Eddie Cahill (born 1929 in Ballyglass, Tobercurry), John Joe Gardiner (1893-1979) who came from near Ballymote, County Sligo, Carmel Gunning, Kevin Henry, Peter Horan, Paddy Hunt, Mick Loftus, June McCormack (won the Senior All-Ireland flute title in 1998), Josie McDermott, McDonagh brothers of Ballinafad, Sonny McDonagh, James Murray (South Sligo), Colm O'Donnell (from Kilmactigue), Seamus O'Donnell, Michael J Ryan, Roger Sherlock, Séamus Tansey. An antique flute made by English maker Thomas Prowse Since the modern Irish flute is based off of the flutes popular in the 19th century, many Irish flute players play antiques from that era. The vast majority of traditional Irish flute players use a wooden, simple-system flute, like the flutes shown here, made by Chris Wilkes. Paddy Taylor (1914-1976) from County Limerick, who played a Radcliff-system flute, was a central figure on the London scene in the 1940s. This was a sample of my Low D Irish Flute made in Cocobolo wood. These modern Irish flutes can vary in the number of added metal keys, or have no keys at all. The name Arie de Keyzer needs little introduction in professional and Irish music circles. These flutes and more can be found in our Irish flute store. Galeón Delrin Pratten Irish Flute. [13], This style is in general quite fast flowing, and ornamented. He comes from the little village of Lack, where his father Sean Nugent has been the leader of the Pride of Erin Ceili Band. Sam Murray is celebrated the world over for the quality and craftsmanship of his superior flutes. Key Features of the Des Seery Delrin® Flute An essential kit for the maintenance of wooden flutes and whistles. Retrieved 10 April 2016. 3.6 out of 5 stars 8. The Leitrim style is highly rhythmic, less ornamented, and with much use of glottal stops and even tonguing, as in the music of John McKenna. [6][7] Belfast-born flute-maker Samuel Colin Hamilton is of the opinion that military flute and fife bands, which were widespread in Ireland in the 19th century, played a role in familiarising Irish society with the flute as an instrument that could be used in dance music. Scroll down to take a look at our full collection of Irish flutes for sale including rosewood flutes, cocus wood flutes, mopane flutes, boxwood flutes and African blackwood flutes. The Irish flute is a conical-bore, simple-system wooden flute of the type favoured by classical flautists of the early 19th century, or to a flute of modern manufacture derived from this design (often with modifications to optimize its use in Irish Traditional Music, Scottish Traditional Music or Music of Brittany and other Celtic nations).

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