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What's New for Tax Year 2013!


Stiffer Qualifications for claiming Earned Income Tax Credit


The IRS is cracking down on fraud regarding the Earned Income Tax Credit ... people claiming income they do not actually have or children that are not actually their dependents and so forth.


In order to satisfy the IRS requirements our clients will PLEASE bring to your appointment at least one of the following documents showing each child's name and the address where they reside, such as:


  1) School records or statement
  2) Landlord or Property Management statement
  3) Health Care Provider statement
  4) Medical records
  5) Child Care Provider records or statement
  6) Placement Agency statement
  7) Social Services records or statement
  8) Place of Worship statement
  9) Indian Tribal Official statement
  10) Employer statement



Additionally, any client with self-employment income will also PLEASE bring to your appointment documentation to prove the existence of your business, such as:


  1) Business License
  2) Forms 1099 received by the business
  3) Records of Gross Receipts
  4) Taxpayer Summary of Income
  5) Records of Expenses
  6) Taxpayer Summary of Expenses
  7) Bank Statements
  8) Reconstruction of Income and Expenses

Thank you in advance ...

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