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IF you moved over 50 Miles to improve your live, take a better job or a job transfer, you may be eligible to receive a moving credit. You will need to bring in your moving expenses like Rental of equipment, fuel, lodging, packing material, Storage cost for 1 month.


IF you opened a Health Savings Account or a Medical Savings Account bring in your documents for a possible credit.


IF you opened a traditional IRA or Roth we will need to know how much you contributed during the year for another possible credit.


IF you have any Tuition paid out toward a education, you should have a 1098T form from the school for a possible credit, if you have a dependent whom also went to school and has tuition paid even if it was from loans you may get the credit.


Adoption - let us know because there are Credits!


Paid Estimated Taxes - let us know we need to credit those taxes paid.


IF Married and Spouse was has a previous debt owed before the Marriage then you may want to use a Injured Spouse Form to split off the refund. 


IF you move right after filing your taxes you should file a Change of Address form to inform IRS you moved.


IF you Owe IRS you may apply for a Installment Agreement and make payments - beware they do charge a set up fee and interest.


IF you received any document you are not sure about please contact us and we will let you know what we need.