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We are now located at 1629 South Avenue West in Missoula

directly behind the Hastings on Brooks - in the Montana Center on South Avenue

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Gregory's offers exceptional service for the Individual as well as for the Small, Medium or Large size business

 Taxes can be as complicated as you want them to be.

  If one properly prepares their material BEFORE HAND, tax time can go very smoothly and your preparer can find all your write off's and deductions to minimize your taxes and maximize the amount of your refund!

If you drop off your material to have your taxes prepared and you just bring in receipts - it will greatly lengthen your preparation time and cost you much, much more. If you are doing your own bookkeeping and gathering of information: add up your receipts under summary categories and bring in only those totals.

Our prices for services are based on you already having your figures summarized into categories.  If we have to summarize your material for you, there will be additional charges.

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This website will help gather totals needed to complete your Tax Return if you DO NOT have a Partnership, LLC, LLP, S-Corporation, or C-Corporation Tax Return.  If you do, you should use a QuickBooks Pro type of Bookkeeping program, or a Professional Bookkeeper so you can log your detailed records and provide us with a complete set of year end financial statements.

Now Available!  Online Information Profiles!

Follow the appropriate link(s) below, fill out the form and ...

  use your browser's print command for a hardcopy to bring in ...

OR-   "Print" the page as a pdf file (Adobe Acrobat) save it, then email it to us.

IMPORTANT!!   Be sure to Print each page before leaving it!

-OR- you will loose the information on that page and WILL have to re-enter it!


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Where's my Federal Refund?
Where's my Montana Refund?


If you have questions regarding these forms or anything else, please Contact Us

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